Saturday, February 13, 2010


2010 year of the metal Tiger is around the corner.

The Tiger is said to be lucky vivid, lively and engaging. Another attribute of the Tiger is his incredible bravery, evidenced in his willingness to engage in battle or his undying courage. Maybe he’s so brave because he is so lucky. But the Chinese say a Tiger having a Tiger in the house is the very best protection against the evils of fire, burglary.

Years of the Tiger

Tiger Years are third in the cycle and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Tiger year actually begins.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

valentines day wallpapers

Here is a collection of 3 exquisite love and valentines day wallpapers from The Absolute Clothing for you and your loved ones. Let the image load, then right click on it, and choose "set as wallpaper". Send it to your sweetheart, or loved ones.

Valentines day wallpaper gift to her...

Valentines day wallpaper gift to him...

Valentines day wallpaper from The Absolute Clothing..HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines Day Gift

Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love.You will love this absolutely for valentine's day gift from The Absolute Clothing, where you can celebrate the spirit of this day of lovers`. A person needs to be loved the most when he deserves to be loved the least.

valentines day gift for him

Valentines day gift for her


Happy Valentine's day from The Absolute Clothing!!